The Church of the Good Shepherd, DockenfieldThe Council

Jill Trout (Chairman)

Ian McLean

Richard Blackburn

Chris Sutton (Vice Chairman)

Paul Wood


Borough Councillors

Brian Adams and Julia Potts


Area Planning Committee (Southern)

Dockenfield is in the Waverley Southern Area Planning Committee the members of which and contact details can be found on the Waverley website at:


Code of Conduct -

Available at the bottom of this page


Notification by Members of Pecuniary and Other Interests

These are available for viewing below.

Photo by Michael Foster


Parish Clerk

Jessica Hobday

- for contact details click here

All matters relating to the Parish Council should be addressed to the Clerk in the first instance

Download this file (cs-edited.pdf)Chris Sutton[Pecuniary and other interests]727 kB
Access this URL ( McLean[Pecuniary and other interests]1677 kB
Access this URL ( Blackburn[Pecuniary and other interests]3959 kB
Access this URL ( Trout[Pecuniary and other interests]1731 kB
Download this file (The Dockenfield Parish Council Code of Conduct 2012.pdf)The Dockenfield Parish Council Code of Conduct 2012.pdf[ ]193 kB